Mölnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical solutions company, with the purpose to advance performance in healthcare from the hospital to the home. Around the world, healthcare systems and professionals are under pressure to deliver better care, to more people, for better value. They need innovative solutions they can trust. That’s where we come in. Mölnlycke provides effective solutions and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve. Focusing on wound care and surgical procedures, Mölnlycke is organised around four Business Areas – Wound Care, Operating Room Solutions, Gloves and Antiseptics.

The Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Mölnlycke applies a customer-centric approach to ensure we provide relevant solutions for the future and continue to make a difference for customers and patients.

Impact of Products/​Services on Healthcare:

By engaging with customers, we strive to optimise and customise solutions to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes, improve patient quality of life, and reduce the total cost of care. For Mölnlycke, customer centricity means using our expertise and experience to focus on the patients and caregivers every day. To truly understand the customer’s needs and to share goals with customers and align priorities to do the utmost when delivering accessible solutions where they matter most and create largest value.

Innovation in the Business:

Building on a strong heritage and global presence, Mölnlycke drives sustainable growth by making a difference to our customers. This involves innovation and development of existing products, expansion into new product areas and markets, application of new technologies and offering new solutions. Our strategy is underpinned by extensive ethnographic studies, carried out in the everyday environment of healthcare professionals. The success factor is about being explorative, to understand the unmet needs of the customers – today and tomorrow.

Future Direction:

Sustainability is embedded in our culture and in everything Mölnlycke does. It is a driver for growth, innovation and productivity, and an essential part of the employee value proposition. Learn more about how sustainability is embedded throughout Mölnlycke’s organisation.
Mölnlycke’s digital purpose is to become a digital leader to empower patients and caregivers in shaping tomorrow’s healthcare. Mölnlycke’s digital aspiration is to be the industry benchmark creating sustainable, competitive and differentiated value by delivering customer-centric digital solutions.