As a world leader in microbiology for over 60 years, bioMérieux is committed to major public health issues in the field of infectious diseases, such as antimicrobial resistance, respiratory infections, and sepsis. bioMérieux provides innovative end-to-end diagnostic solutions that improve patient outcomes, help prevent antimicrobial resistance and improve antimicrobial stewardship, as well as empowering clinicians and laboratorians in decision making by providing actionable data through integrated IT and DATA solutions.

The Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

At bioMérieux our mission is to improve patient outcomes. Through our offer of innovative, integrated, and end-to-end solutions for microbiology, we provide actionable results to inform patient care. By continuing to invest in developing and acquiring existing and new solutions, we continue to offer new technologies, greater automation, and greater efficiencies in the field of microbiology while facilitating greater antimicrobial stewardship.

Impact of Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Through the provision of integrated, innovative solutions bioMérieux enables more timely results for a wide range of microbiological patient samples and provide actionable data insights. Our products have demonstrated improvements across the field of infectious diseases including the diagnosis and management of sepsis, meningitis and respiratory disease as well as greater visibility of key performance indicators relating to blood cultures and surveillance data.

Innovation in the Business:

In 2022 bioMérieux announced its acquisition of Specific Diagnostics and has since integrated VITEK® REVEAL™ in to our VITEK® family. This acquisition increases our support of the sepsis pathway by providing rapid antimicrobial sensitivity testing for positive blood cultures.

Future Direction:

bioMérieux is committed to improving public health both now and for the future. We continue to invest in research and development across the field of infectious disease to improve the field of in-vitro diagnostics. We also continue to invest in our team and build the support and resources we provide for our customers.

Recently bioMérieux announced it’s acquisition of LUMED, a Canadian innovative software company. LUMED’s advanced software solutions help ensure that local antimicrobial prescription guidelines are followed and implemented. It gives healthcare professionals the relevant information needed to optimise Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and Infection Prevention and Control programs to provide better care for patients, combat AMR and improve Infection Control.