Aqua Free Solutions

Aqua free is devoted to the task of maintaining and improving water hygiene. The company started life as a manufacturer of sterile water filters for healthcare application. Today Aqua free is a certified medical device company and not only develops and produces high quality water filters and other products but also provides a comprehensive range of services all focused on water hygiene.

The Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

As a leading manufacturer of medical water filters, the product range for medical institutions includes point-of-use and pipe-integrated filters for sterile filtration as well as customized system solutions. In hospitals and medical practices Aqua free offers needs-oriented water hygiene solutions giving protection and safety for diverse requirements.

Impact of Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Aqua free offer a variety of filters to meet the demands of healthcare premises.
Utilising both Flat sheet and Hollow fibre membrane technology.
With innovative designs and technologies Aqua free filters provide the highest quality and performance to help protect patients with effective infection control solutions.
Coupled with our free filter management app and our filter change service Aqua free can meet all your filter requirements.

Innovation in the Business:

Aqua free offer a free filter management app and coupled with our filter change service Aqua free can meet all your filter requirements. We have also integrated our automatic flushing units to the management app to provide even further control over your flushing regimes.

Future Direction:

Our aim is to expand our portfolio and provide an even larger range of options regarding water hygiene.